What products does Afficiency offer?

All of our products are 100% digital life insurance products designed for the worksite and direct to consumer retail. Our worksite products include an income protection, term life, and whole life products all delivered via API. Our retail products include term life, whole life, income protection and mortgage protection all delivered via API.

How is Afficiency Different?

Afficiency’s combines cutting-edge technology, product design, reinsurance partnerships and distribution network to provide an ‘all-in-one’ solution. Afficiency creates products specifically designed for digital distributors. We developed—and perfected— products that are easy to understand, affordable to purchase and simple to manage. We take the angst out of life insurance and help people figure out how much they need, without health exams and blood work on platforms they already transact.

Does Afficiency take commissions?

No, we do not take any commissions.

How are the policies issued?

Our all of our product’s policies are issued digitally, and self-managed in a service portal online.

Do applications ever require a medical exam?

Never! Customers will never be sent to a medical exam; all decisions are real-time and 100% digital. All while providing the best pricing available in a digital setting and with approval calibrations 30% greater.

Who are Afficiency’s customers?

Carriers, digital distributors, and ultimately consumers.

  • Carriers
    We simplify the process and exposure of building new products while speeding the process from years to months. Our in house expertise allows carriers to launch a new product in 6-months. We own the pricing, technology, regulatory and compliance, and distribution responsibilities while guiding the product development, filing, building, testing and deployment process.
  • Distributors
    We allow new or existing digital distributors to sell life insurance products, in their customer journey, on their user experience. We've simplifyed the purchase experience to make it fast and easy for their customers to quote, apply, and bind life coverage.  Distributors provide 100% digital experience to complement their existing offerings while generating additional revenues.
  • Consumers
    Afficiency specifically and thoughtfully builds simple products that consumers can understand, online, in 2 minutes, with no help from an advisor. There are 50 million underinsured families in the US, our products are designed for these families.

What are the characteristics of the unique income protection protection?

The income protection product is individually owned, decreasing term, life insurance product with 100% digital experience from quote to policy.

Why utilize Afficiency’s Approved API?

Afficiency’s proprietary likelihood to be approved score, ApprovedAPI, helps our distribution partners optimize their conversion funnel and improve approval rates by identifying and targeting better risk prospects.

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