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Pendella and Afficiency Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership


NEW YORK, NY & FT MYERS, FL – Afficiency, the start-up that provides life insurance products via API to digital distributors, announces a strategic partnership with Pendella. Pendella, a digital insurance agency... has partnered with Afficiency to provide term life and income replacement term life insurance to their clients. Pendella is the leader in providing insurance advice to business owners delivering custom solutions for them and their employees.

The partnership allows Pendella to provide up to $1,000,000 of term life insurance coverage and  over $1,000,000 of income protection term life insurance in a completely digital experience, with policies purchased in minutes and in one purchase session.  No individual is ever sent to an exam. If an individual may not qualify, a Pendella advisor can recommend alternative products before submitting an application. 

 “Having Afficiency as a partner is great for Pendella. Prior to Afficiency we would have had to work with a carrier to build a bespoke product.  Afficiency handles the product manufacturing and then delivers it to us all via API.  This is a huge step forward in the life insurance industry from what was previously available,” said Bob Gaydos , CEO & Co-Founder of Pendella. “Pendella aims to provide the simplest solutions for business owners to protect their assets and this is just another step forward in that direction.” 

The partnership significantly strengthens both organizations from capability and distribution standpoints. 

“We are excited to be working with Pendella and to provide new and innovative life insurance solutions to the many customers they serve,” said Mark Scafaro, CEO and Co-founder of Afficiency.

About Afficiency 

Afficiency is an insurtech company making life insurance easier to understand and even easier to purchase. Afficiency developed a digital life insurance platform that allows new products to be quickly stood-up and made available for digital distribution, completely via API. All of Afficiency’s life insurance products are designed to be digitally underwritten and issued to applicants within seconds. Afficiency has been partnering with carriers and re-insurers since late 2018 to bring products to market and is working with conventional and new distribution channels to distribute these products. To learn more about Afficiency:  

About Pendella  

Pendella is a 50-state virtual insurance agency serving business owners and their employees in a completely digital experience.  Pendella is a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in employee benefits, human resources, benefit administration, and business insurance. We created Pendella to combine our talents with modern technology, allowing us to provide creative, compassionate and reliable service in this digital age. Our name represents our core values and our mission is to simplify your life.  To learn more about Pendella: 


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