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Quility Launches Fully Digital Term Life Product, Quility Level Term, in Collaboration With SBLI and Afficiency


ASHEVILLE, N.C., Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Quility Insurance, a digital platform offering financial solutions through an online application or support from a licensed insurance agent, announced the launch of its new proprietary product, Quility Level Term. The company launched the level term product in collaboration with Afficiency, a startup that designs, builds, and delivers life insurance via API, and SBLI (The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts).  

Through Afficiency's digital infrastructure and SBLI's tech-driven insurance product offerings, Quility Level Term offers clients a simple, personalized policy with an entirely digital application and purchase process. Clients can apply online from the comfort of home and receive their new policy in just minutes.

"If you sell mortgage protection or term life insurance, you can't afford to not sell this exclusive Quility product," said Brian Pope, Co-Founder of Quility. "With a virtual underwriting engine, the entire process takes just minutes, from application to delivery to your client's inbox. Additionally, this product offers incredible cost savings to the client, sometimes at half the cost of other simplified issue products. Quility Level Term is going to transform the agent experience and the client's buying journey."

"SBLI is very happy to expand on our product and distribution offers for our customers through this valuable partnership. This collaboration supports digital initiatives to continue offering an accessible and seamless life insurance application process," said Denis Clifford, SVP of Sales & Distribution at SBLI.

The simplified issue product provides a 100% digital experience with no medical exam necessary to qualify for coverage and an on-the-spot decision in minutes. Quility Level Term provides a maximum coverage amount of $1 million with level premiums throughout the policy term. Included within the policy at no additional cost is a charity rider that allows the client to select a charity of their choice as an additional beneficiary of their policy.  

Licensed life insurance agents can sell the Quility Level Term product to their clients directly by applying with the client in real time through the digital platform. Through this digitized application process, Quility clients will receive an instant decision and obtain coverage that meets their needs at an affordable price.  

"The Quility Level Term product provides a significant value-add to the Quility agent through its streamlined application process," said Mark Scafaro, Co-Founder and CEO of Afficiency. "At Afficiency, our goal is to modernize the life insurance process for the customer, and this bespoke product aligns not only with our goals, but also with Quility's mission to deliver simple, customized solutions to clients."  

Backed by thousands of licensed insurance agents nationwide and access to over 80 insurance carriers, Quility provides clients with convenient access to expert advice and support. Quility's sales divisions include Symmetry Financial Group, Asurea Insurance Services, and Quility Wholesale.    

About Quility  
Quility uses innovative and proprietary technology to modernize the process of qualifying for and purchasing life insurance. The Quility digital platform offers clients the option to apply for life insurance online through a ten-minute application with the support of a licensed insurance agent. To learn more, visit  

About SBLI  
For over 115 years, SBLI has specialized in providing hassle-free, affordable life insurance. Whether it be term life, whole life or a plan that combines the two, we offer simple, dependable protection at a fair price.  

About Afficiency  
Afficiency is an insurtech company making life insurance easier to understand and purchase. Afficiency developed a digital life insurance platform that allows new products to be quickly stood-up and made available for digital distribution, completely via API. All Afficiency's life insurance products are designed to be digitally underwritten and issued within seconds. Afficiency has been partnering with carriers and re-insurers since late 2018 to bring products to market. The team has also been working with some traditional and new distribution channels to deliver these products.
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