ASHEVILLE, N.C., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Quility, an award-winning insurtech company, today announced enhanced features and more simplified issue term life products to its Navigator platform. Navigator is a proprietary end-to-end digital life insurance distribution marketplace that creates a frictionless purchasing process with exclusive access to Quility's digital insurance products. The platform now features enhancements to Quility Level Term (QLT), a proprietary digital term life product created in partnership with SBLI® (The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) and Afficiency, an insurtech that designs, builds, and delivers life insurance via API.

"With these new product and platform enhancements, Quility Navigator's offerings are now more robust than ever before," said Steve Fletcher, Quility President. "By evolving our agent-forward tech offerings, Quility continues its commitment to bringing top-tier tools to the market."


"This is yet another important milestone which shows the depth of our collaboration and the speed at which we are able to deliver constant innovation to the marketplace," said Mark Scafaro, CEO and Co-Founder of Afficiency.

The enhancements to Quility Level Term (QLT) include expanded age ranges and larger available death benefits. Additionally, QLT will include improved agent workflows and new client-centric journeys. If a client is not approved for QLT, an accidental death policy will be available immediately. Since the product's launch in September 2021, over 46,000 QLT policies have been sold, amassing over $13 billion in live coverage to policyholders and offering families peace of mind when they need it the most.

"We are thrilled to announce the increase of our age and face amount parameters for the Quility Level Term product, made possible through the new 'Refer to Underwriter' enhancement," said Jim Morgan, President and CEO of SBLI. "This expansion, along with our strategic partnership with Quility, underscores our commitment to innovation and service excellence. Together, we're broadening our market reach with our low-cost, simplified issue solutions and demonstrating the substantial benefits of collaboration in serving our clients more effectively."

Along with QLT, the addition of other digital products has expanded Navigator's offerings. Since July 2023, new term life and instant issue final expense products have been added to the platform.

Quility's product selector tools feature pre-underwriting systems to confidently select the right insurance solution for each client and a 90% likelihood that the client will be approved at the time of application. 

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About Quility

Quility empowers agents with an industry-leading sales enablement platform and a suite of proprietary, fully digital insurance products, creating a frictionless experience from quote to underwriting to policy placement. Quility makes the insurance process easy for industry professionals and their clients. With Quility, life insurance doesn't have to be prickly. To learn more visit

About SBLI

For more than 115 years, SBLI (The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) has specialized in providing simple and affordable life insurance solutions. Whether it be term life, whole life or a plan that combines the two, we offer dependable protection at a fair price.

About Afficiency

Afficiency is an insurtech company making life insurance easier to understand and purchase. Afficiency developed a digital life insurance platform that allows new products to be quickly stood-up and made available for digital distribution, completely via API. All of Afficiency's life insurance products are designed to be digitally underwritten and issued within seconds. Afficiency has been partnering with carriers and re-insurers since late 2018 to bring products to market. The team has also been working with some traditional and new distribution channels to deliver these products.

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