Afficiency For Affinity

Learn more about our suite of tools for organizations working in the affinity marketing space. 


Affinity Marketing

Affinity marketing involves tapping into strategic collaborations and partnerships between entities that operate in different businesses but share common ground.

It is important to ensure that there is a natural and logical fit within the relationship. Consumers naturally associate one brand with another, assigning a greater degree of trust because of the association.

The convenience of purchasing 100% digital individual life insurance products may represent a unique opportunity for affinity members.  


Our Platform 

Afficiency can offer affinity marketers a suite of easy-to-understand life insurance products in a bespoke ecosystem delivering:

Broker Branding

Broker branding to optimize brand recognition and consumer confidence

Seamless integration

Seamless integration into the overall member experience including management of affinity group input files

Instant Approval

You get approval in a matter of minutes with no medical exam required.

Job classification

Job classification overlap designed to maximize approval rates


Portable, individual benefits that offer higher coverage rates

Affinity Branding

Affinity branding to optimize brand recognition and consumer confidence


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