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American employer groups understand the importance of attracting and retaining a talented workforce - robust employee benefits are a key way to achieve that goal.


Workplace Benefits

Group life insurance benefits are attractive and have been offered for many years, however these products do not give employees the opportunity to take the policy with them should they decide to leave.

Offering individual life insurance as part of a benefits package could be a key differentiator for brokers specializing in worksite products to offer to innovative employer groups.

Our Product Offering

Afficiency offers a wide range of life products specially designed for worksite. Including:

  • Level Term
  • IncomeSense Income Replacement
  • Whole Life

Our Platform 

Afficiency equips worksite brokers and platform providers with a 100% digital platform where they can effortlessly deliver easy-to-understand, instantly underwritten life policies in a matter of minutes.

Broker Branding

Broker branding to optimize brand recognition and consumer confidence

Seamless integration

Seamless integration into the overall employee benefits experience including management of employee input files

Instant Approval

You get approval in a matter of minutes with no medical exam required.

Job classification

Job classification overlap designed to maximize approval rates


Portable, individual benefits that offer higher coverage rates

Employer Branding

Employer branding to optimize brand recognition and consumer confidence


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