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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Afficiency life insurance products are only available via our select distribution partners. 

Afficiency combines cutting-edge technology, product design, reinsurance partnerships and distribution network to provide an ‘all-in-one’ solution. Afficiency creates products specifically designed for digital distributors. We developed—and perfected— products that are easy to understand, affordable to purchase and simple to manage. We take the angst out of life insurance and help people figure out how much they need, without health exams and blood work on platforms they already transact.

Afficiency's product portfolio consists of 100% digital life insurance products.

Our product range is continually expanding. Our worksite products include an income protection, term life, and whole life products all delivered via API. Our retail products include term life, whole life, income protection and mortgage protection all delivered via API. New products coming soon include Accidental Death and Final Expense.

Our products do not require a medical exam. Applicants will never be sent for a medical exam; all decisions are real-time and 100% digital. All while providing the best pricing available in a digital setting and with approval calibrations 30% greater.

Be sure to advise your client to contact the registered issuer of the policy, this will be the life insurance carrier listed on the policy documents, should contact or beneficiary information require updating. It is helpful to remind applicants to keep this information current and correct as it can be crucial to ensuring that the carrier can contact the applicant or the beneficiaries in the event of their death.

Yes, many of our products include riders

Yes, each policy comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. However if the policy is canceled and a refund is requested, the applicant will no longer be covered by the policy. The same applies if the applicant does not continue to pay premiums for the duration of the policy. Coverage continues only if the policy is in good standing and premiums are paid on time.

 Afficiency has partnered with extremely reputable and experienced life insurance companies. The policies we offer are underwritten by recognizable life insurance companies, all of whom are well rated (A or higher) by leading US rating agencies such as AM Best. 

You can learn more about our carrier partners here

Eligibility criteria varies by product but generally US citizens and permanent residents between the ages 18-80 years can apply.

This is because the final premium price is calculated based on more information and more accurately reflects the risk associated with the policy. The applicant does not have to accept the offer: please note that if coverage is not accepted the applicant will not be covered by the policy. The same applies if the applicant does not sign or pay for the policy.

All of our products are instant issue life insurance products, meaning that the application is completed in minutes and a decision is made instantly. If approved, your client could be covered by the policy in less than ten minutes.


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