How Afficiency Can
Work With You

Flexibility - that's key to everything we do at Afficiency. We build flexibility into our platform and into our products. Most importantly we apply flexibility to the way we work with you. 


We Integrate to Suit Your Needs

API Integration

API integration directly into your branded ecosystem:

  • Fully customizable experience incorporating your branding
  • Captive audience remain on your platform - no outward links
  • Embedded within your customer journey
  • Native experience
  • Maintain ownership of data and journey
  • End-to-end API from quote to policy issue
  • Agent or consumer-facing 
White Label

White label direct-to-consumer (DTC) website

  • Off-the-shelf UX
  • Option for white labeling with some customization
  • Easy implementation
  • Minimal tech requirements 
  • Direct-to-consumer and agent eApp available
  • End-to-end quote to policy issue experience
Hybrid Model

Hybrid model - API integration coupled with our UX

  • Captive audience on your platform for part of the journey​
  • Light integration, link out to Afficiency UX with partial API integration​
  • Native experience coupled with API integration​
  • Agent or consumer-facing experience


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