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Press Release | 12/14/2023

Quility Bolsters Innovative Tech Offerings

Quility, an award-winning insurtech company, today announced enhanced features and more simplified issue term life products to its Navigator platform. Navigator is a proprietary end-to-end digital...

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Insuretech Leadership Podcast | 02/23/2023

Podcast - How to Quickly Integrate Modern Digital Tools

Afficiency CEO Mark Scafaro joins host Josh Hollander, of The Insurtech Leadership Podcast, to talk about how to quickly and effectively integrate modern digital tools into life insurance.

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Insurance Edge | 01/30/2023

Pivoting Back: Insurance Agents Remain Invaluable

According to LIMRA, almost 90% of the life insurance market is still sold by independent and affiliated agents compared to only 6% sold direct-to-consumer (DTC). At the pandemic’s onset, digital...

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Press Release | 01/19/2023

Afficiency, W&S, ConsumerOptix Integrate Income Protection

ConsumerOptix integrates IncomeSense to empower agents with digital declining term life insurance product. Afficiency, an insurtech transforming the end-to-end life insurance buying process, and...

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ThinkAdvisor | 01/09/2023

Insurtech Startups Pivot Toward Supporting the Agents

Mark Scafaro sees insurance distribution technology startups going down a popular path: Pivoting from trying to reach consumers directly — and cutting out the agents — to supporting the agents....

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Financial Revolutionist | 12/06/2022

Insurance Sales and the Debate Over Agents

At the dawn of the insurtech age, up-and-coming players saw direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels as not just the way of the future, but the only way of the future ... But then the challengers hit a...

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BuySide - Wall Street Journal | 12/04/2022

What Is No Exam Life Insurance?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying life insurance, not to mention the hassle of getting a medical exam, which most policies require. If you’re looking for a simpler, quicker alternative,...

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InsureTech Ohio | 11/01/2022

InsurTech Ohio Spotlight with Mark Scafaro

Mark, what are some of the strengths in acting as an intermediary between carriers and distribution partners? “The biggest strength is we get to be experts in both those fields and exchange our...

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Fintech Times | 10/11/2022

Women in Fintech Career Journeys

This October at The Fintech Times is all about the incredible women working in the fintech industry. With women still forming only around 30 per cent of the workforce, it’s important to spotlight...

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Press Release | 09/27/2022

Life Insurtech Afficiency Teams with Bubble

Afficiency, an insurtech transforming the end-to-end life insurance buying process, and Cincinnati-based insurance conglomerate Western & Southern Financial Group today announced a new product...

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Financial Revolutionist | 09/22/2022

Empowering Insurance Agents with Afficiency

In its nascent years, the insurtech space seemed poised for runaway success and growth. But the realities of the market, in addition to declining valuations, have caused insurtechs to reconsider some...

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Insurance News Net | 09/01/2022

7 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Ask an agent about the best time to buy life insurance and the answer will likely be “now,” or “anytime.” But consumers watching the value of their 401ks decline in this inflationary era as interest...

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InsurTechTalk | 08/10/2022

Podcast - InsurTechTalk with Mark Scafaro

Mark Scafaro, CEO of Afficiency, joins Gilad Shai to talk about Afficiency, life insurance, building trust and traction for a SaaS platform and providing whole life insurance quotes via API.

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Bank on It Podcast | 05/19/2022

Podcast - Bank on It - Mark Scafaro

In this episode the host of the Bank on It podcast, John Siracusa, chats remotely with Mark Scafaro, Co-founder & CEO of Afficiency. Afficiency provides life insurance products via API to digital...

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Leadership in Insurance Podcast | 04/18/2022

Podcast - Leadership in Insurance - Mark Scafaro

Mark Scafaro is the CEO and co-founder of Afficiency, an insurtech transforming the end-to-end life insurance buying process and accelerating the time it takes to get applicants approved and covered....

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