Life Carriers

Afficiency recognizes the invaluable role that life insurance carriers play in helping us achieve our mission of reinventing life insurance and the life insurance buying process. We partner with forward thinking and innovative life carriers who are committed to making life insurance completely digital, easy-to-purchase, and accessible to all.


End-to-End Digitization

Life insurance carriers recognize the need to digitize - but it is not as simple as it sounds. Many carriers are dogged by legacy systems and limited in-house expertise. Some may even believe that existing products and processes can be reversed engineered into a digital journey, this is not the case. All of this can mean that the move to digitization can be a long and troublesome journey for many life carriers.

Afficiency gets it. We understand the desire to digitalize, to maintain and grow distribution. We also understand how difficult it can be for life carriers without the in-house technological know-how.  

Afficiency bridges the gap between life carriers and distribution - bringing access to distributor networks embarking or already on their digital journey: life agencies and brokerages, embedded insurance partners, and direct to consumer (DTC) platforms.


Afficiency is Different

Access to Distribution

Afficiency connects like-minded life carriers with distribution partners already on their digitization journey


Comprehensive digitization of the entire life insurance value chain - not just part of it

Months, Not Years

We partner to build digital life insurance products in months, not years

Quality Partnership 

Afficiency utilizes a partnership model with a focus on volume and quality of business


Afficiency Works For Carriers

Our solutions deliver for carrier partners:

  • Deep product design experience, tailored to be digital from the ground up
  • End-to-end digital platform delivers entire customer journey in one session
  • Underwriting engine and risk assessments tools calibrated in partnership with major reinsurers
  • Pre-built integrations into all third party evidence providers
  • Advanced fraud tools to detect and mitigate threats   

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